Money Saving Makeup to Look like a Million

If you dabble in makeup like I do, you’ve probably discovered how expensive it is! And that’s just for a day-to-day basis! Never mind trying to fund wedding day makeup! However, you’d be surprised at how many money saving makeup hacks there are to help you make the most of your wedding makeup.

Money Saving Makeup to Look like a Million

Before I head into those hacks, however, I will leave you with a caveat. These money saving makeup tricks are primarily for doing it yourself! I did my own makeup the day of my wedding, so I can’t speak to the experience of hiring a professional. However, that in itself does feed into one of the easiest, money-saving hacks.

Money Saving DIY

Unless you already have a beautifully stocked cosmetics studio, chances are doing makeup yourself will not cut all costs. However, DIY makeup is a simple money saving tip.

Now, as I said, I did not hire a professional. Therefore, Ido not know exactly how much hiring a professional costs. Besides, costs for hair and cosmetic stylists tends to differ based on your location. (E.g., within big cities is likely pricier than out towards the suburbs or country.)

That said, I did not hire a professional because I did see glimpses of how expensive professionals in my area cost. More importantly, though, I did my own because I really enjoy it! I did have to spend money by buying the products I needed. However, I am aware that unless you’re hiring your artist to stay with you all day, you’ll likely need to buy their products, too, in order to be able to give yourself touch ups throughout the day. Not to mention the extra costs of trial runs (which I always recommend for any stylist)!

Therefore, my best money saving tip to start is to consider doing your own makeup!

Subscribe to a Monthly Beauty Box

If you do decide to do your own makeup, subscribing to a monthly beauty box is a surprisingly effect way to save money!

Yes, yes, those subscriptions cost money. I’m not going to deny that. However, dependent on which you choose and how long you stay subscribed, the prices may work out. I knew I wanted to do my own makeup, but I wasn’t entirely sure which products would be the best for the look I wanted. So I subscribed to a $10/month beauty box.

Most of the time the products I received were sample-sized.That being said, you’d be surprised at how long a “sample” pot of eye-shadow lasts! Not to mention products such facial masks typically came in full-sized packages. I still have a lot of the products around, as well as quality makeup brushes and cute bags that I still use. As for certain products, being able to use the samples in various weather conditions helped me decide what was worth spending money on. It also helped me know what products were not worth spending the money on!

I was never disappointed. Not to mention, receiving a package every month was a fun way to pamper myself as a bride. Besides, considering the quality of the products, $10/month never seemed too pricey! That’s why it’s one of my favorite money saving makeup hacks!

Money Saving Makeup to Look like a Million Without Spending it!

Utilize Return Policies from (Drug) Stores

Now, I said that my subscription helped me figure out what products were worth spending on. For the products that weren’t worth spending on, I turned to drug stores. Not to mention, if you’re trying to determine the right foundation or concealer colors, drug store prices and return policies are your best friends!

If you’re lucky enough to have a (drug) store near you with a100% return policy, you’ve hit the jackpot of money saving hacks! Every productyou buy from the store to try out can be returned, no questions asked, for 100%of what you spent.

Believe you me, I personally made great use of CVS’ 100%return policy! I was able to do color and consistency checks, and try out the longevity of different products. I did spend fair amounts at each session. But, because I could get all of my money back, in the end I spent very little. This helped me find products that worked incredibly well, looked good, and didn’t cost me as much as “high end” names.

I was so happy to find this money saving makeup hack that I have to share it with everyone!

Do your Research

As great of a money saving hack as shopping at stores with 100% return policies is, it’s similarly important to not blindly spend money. By that I mean you should be prepared for every shopping session.

For instance, if you want to buy a long-wear foundation, do your research into types of foundation. Outside of just what types, look into reviews of specific brands. There are plenty of articles and posts around the internet where people have already tried different products for you, like this one. Take what they say with a grain of salt, but definitely use them as a diving board to try for yourself!

You wouldn’t go and buy a car without doing the research on what you need out of it, right? The same works with your own face! Be sure to do your research on your skin type and what types of makeup work best on it. For instance, I have combination skin, so there are certain products I avoid and others I heavily rely on. If you know your face well, you can avoid overspending.

Also, do your research on how makeup products fair in different environments. I got married on a very hot, summer day, which meant I needed sweat-proof techniques. With research I was able to focus my budget on products that reviews told me would actually hold up. Always knowing exactly what you need to look for is a great money saving tip regardless of product. But considering how expensive makeup can be, it is of utmost importance!

 Thoroughly Test your Makeup

I know I’ve mentioned it briefly already, but a great moneysaving hack is to test your makeup. It’s one thing to buy the product and try it out for a few hours on a date night. But how does it hold up on a day-long conference? Can you wear it to the gym and get hot and sweaty without it melting too bad? How does it look in different lighting? If you watch a sad movie, can you cry through it without looking like a raccoon?

When you test your makeup, try to run it through the ringer.Of course, a hot wedding day is not going to melt your face the same way a core workout will at the gym. However, if it can hold up decently, it will look amazing for your wedding. You may not sob through your entire wedding day, but if your look still glows after a sad movie, you’ll probably survive the happy tears of your ceremony! To harken back to my car analogy, would you buy a car without a test drive? Unlikely.

Therefore be sure to test out your makeup!

Money Saving Makeup to Look like a Million Without Spending it!

Money Saving on Makeup Is Achievable

Makeup is pricey. No doubt about it. However, there are ways to buy and try your makeup in a cost effective manner. These are my biggest money saving hacks that I utilized to keep my makeup budget low. Not only did I spend significantly less on makeup than expected, but I learned a lot in the process. Not to mention, there’s an extra glow about you when you feel successful. So look like a million bucks without spending it by trying out these money saving makeup tips!

Let me know what you did to save money on your makeup budget! Or, if you saved money elsewhere and splurged on your makeup budget, let me know about that, too! If you have any questions about what I personally used, hit me up and I’ll let you know my favorite recommendations!