Cake Trends to Inspire Today's Bride

Choosing your wedding cake is, in my opinion, one of the best parts of planning your wedding! You get to visit all sorts of bakeries and eat up all different cakes and fillings while flipping through scrapbook upon scrapbook of unbelievably gorgeous wedding cakes. Then, you get to fantasize about how you want yours to look!

However, it can be overwhelming to choose which inspiration to draw from for your wedding cake design. So, I’ve taken the liberty to compile visuals for some of today’s trendiest cake stylings for your perusal!

Just remember, you can draw elements from all of these trends to make your, one-of-a-kind cake with whichever bakery or kakery you choose!

Trendy Wedding Cake Inspirations for Today’s Bride

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Abundant florals are one of my favorite wedding trends, not just on cakes, but for gowns, veils, and all elements of decor! Wedding cakes, though, may be my favorite way to incorporate a floral aesthetic into your wedding day. Whether fresh blooms or those crafted from fondant, modeling chocolate, or good ol’ buttercream, floral elements dress up a wedding cake (or cupcake) in a classic, yet modern, way!

Naked Cake

The naked cake has quickly stolen the spotlight for wedding cakes, appealing to both those with an affinity for all things natural and rustic, and those who find sugary frostings overwhelming.

But being naked doesn’t mean the cake has to lack flair!

  • Use touches of metallics
  • Embellish with blooms or fruits
  • Make multiple tiers made up of tiny, personal-sized naked cakes
  • Or incorporate one of your wedding colors through a paint-drip styled glaze

Naked cakes have endless design possibilities!


Now I have to admit, I hadn’t realized how beautiful fruit can be when arranged on a dessert until I started browsing cakes for this post. But I’ve gotta say, I love the way it all looks!

That said, if you and your intended have fruity personalities, why not consider using fruit (fresh, buttercream, or somehow modeled) to dress up your nuptial dessert?

The Oldies, but Goodies

I know, I know, the more classic designs included below might seem antithetical to the idea of “trendy cakes,” but some classic designs never go out of style. 

One of the reasons they never go out of style? Brides are incorporating classic ideas with newer design elements. For example, pairing traditional, piping designs with petaled fondant or colorful ribbon modernizes a classic look.

Maybe you could dress up your traditionally white cake with minimalist fondant designs or an all-over buttercream comb. Or, you could forego the traditional, white cake for a traditional shape updated with colorful fondant and metallic elements. 

Trendy meets classy – not a bad way to go!


I studied abroad for about a month in Paris, France during my college career, and almost immediately fell in love with the addictive macarons that littered every corner bakery! After eating so many, it’s clear why everyone wants to incorporate the cute, but elegant dessert into their wedding!

Some couples may want to forego a cake entirely and offer a dessert bar, or perhaps just an assortment of macarons flavored and colored to their preference. Or, keep the cake and decorate it sweetly with the pretty, little French cookie in a trend-forward hombre. 

Whatever you choose, I’m convinced you can’t go wrong with using macarons for your wedding day!

Shapes and Frosting Trends

Not going to lie, I’m a sucker for non-traditional cake shapes! I think they add something modern without detracting from the traditional elegance of a more classical design!

Feel the same? Play with the ideas of hexagonal or square-shaped tiers for your cake, or even mix and match the tier shapes for your personal look. And don’t forget, the depth of your tier helps play with the overall shape and appearance (deeper tiers are a little more “on-trend”).

As for frosting designs? Enter: marbling. 

Picking two or three colors and marbling them in fondant before rolling it over your tier adds either a modern, industrial vibe or a classical, work-of-art characteristic. Not into fondant marbling? Jump onto the galaxy-buttercream trend and add an out-of-this-world experience to your wedding!


I. Love. Geodes.

Yes,  I do mean the rocks. But I also mean the trend they have incited in the confectionary world. I thought about including the geode trend in cake shapes because it requires some strategic carving, but this trend is just too beautiful to not have its own moment in the spotlight!

I love, love rock candy, and the idea of taking crystalized, colored sugar and strategically placing it in a scrag carved into your cake just screams “decadence!” Maybe I’m crazy, but I think these cakes rock! (Please forgive the pun.)

I know this is a limited list, and I want to be honest with you about that. However, use this as a tool to recognize what’s “on trend” in wedding cakes, and file away what you like and what you don’t. Bottom line, enjoy your tasting and designing forays and keep me abreast of your favorite elements! 

Not into the idea of cake, even after these beauties? Check out alternatives here.

Now, go enjoy some cake!