Where to Start

It feels as though it’s been years since my wedding! It hasn’t been years in reality. I just miss all of the fun of wedding planning!

Sure, I had my fair share of quick-thinking, last minute decisions. Not to mention all that wedding stress on top of my last semester of classes, student teaching, and a summer job!

But the wedding turned out to be gorgeous! So here are a couple diving boards that helped me plan as calmly and successfully as possible!

Planning a Wedding: Where to Start?

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Where to start planning?

So then…Where to start? My husband and I got engaged in May which left me the  summer to begin planning before school started. I had a six-week teaching position at the time, and was living 1,000 miles away from my home state. Both of those circumstances had their pros and cons.


I was already busy, exhausted, and had no one to help me get the ball rolling.


  1. I needed something that wasn’t work to focus on in my spare time.
  2. Wedding planning helped brighten me up after a rough day.
  3. No one was around to influence my bare-bones opinions.

Every night after work I was surfing Pinterest or stopping off to buy a bridal magazine. I just wanted to get a look at what ideas were out there. And at that point in the planning, I was trying to soak up every idea I could.

Planning a Wedding: Where to Start?

My greatest advice for where to start though…?

1st The Venue

The two most common ideas I was researching were for Venue and Dress. The venue really lays the ground work for everything else for your wedding. It helps you know what aesthetic you should plan for. Not to mention it dictates how much or what kind of decorations you’ll need! Therefore, it was first on my checklist.

I used online databases quite frequently to get a better grasp of venues in my area. (The filters on the databases were especially helpful, because I was planning for a reception venue separate from my ceremony). I then kept tabs on all of my favorites in an Excel spreadsheet.

2nd The Dress

After extensive conversation with my fiancée, we came to a conclusion about the aesthetic we wanted. That helped me narrow down our top venues.

Then it was time to begin narrowing down on dresses I liked that would fit those venues.

I loved looking at wedding gowns! There were so many beautiful options. Just remember when you go shopping, you’re not just trying to narrow down what looks good on you. You’ll also want to think about the feel of your venue(s).

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3rd The Cake

There are surely people who disagree with me about the cake being the third-most important wedding plan. But here’s why I chose to focus on the cake next.

  1. The venues my husband and I liked had either in-house caterers or limited options for recommended vendors. Therefore, I wasn’t too concerned with where to get our food.
  2. Wedding cakes are so beautiful! I loved scrolling through pictures on Pinterest of gorgeously decorated cakes. Also, I have a huge sweet tooth, so I wanted to indulge in cake tasting ASAP!
  3. I was trying to get the bulk of my wedding planning done the summer before starting my final year of college. That meant I was eating up my husband’s free time dragging him to some of the best known cakeries to taste cake and check prices.

Basically, it came down to the fact that I loved cake. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy it sooner rather than later? 

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Planning a Wedding: Where to Start?

But that’s just the start…

Now, something I didn’t mention before – but is important to mention – is color scheme. I had decided on the colors I wanted far long before my wedding had ever come around. However, those colors laid the basis for continuing forward through my continually growing pile of plans.

If you don’t have a color scheme, start brewing one up – I’m sure it’ll help you as time creeps onward!

These are my first three (four, if you count color scheme) diving boards for setting the ball rolling on wedding planning. I hope they can help you start off with less stress for the long-haul!

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Let me know what three things you started with first!