Personal Wedding - 10 Tips to Stay True to You

One of the best parts of being a bride is being able to make your wedding personal. The even more awesome thing is, there are so many cute ways to do so! So here is a list of things you can personalize for your wedding without needing a specific theme!

Personal Wedding – 10 Tips to Stay True to You

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1. Flowers

When I sat down with my florist to start an initial plan for my flowers, she was already prepared with personal questions about my groom’s and my favorite blooms. But beyond that, there are different ways to jazz up your arrangements as a nod to you and your beloved!

My husband and I each had a blue feather in our flower arrangements, which was a nod to one of our favorite video games. It was super nerdy, but most people didn’t even know or notice, so it was our personal secret!

Similarly, a woman from my hometown church had made me some jewelry. When I received it, I had my own jewelry already, but I was able to take her pendant and fasten it to the stems of my flowers. It was gorgeous and personal, and I know she was touched, as well!

Personal Wedding - 10 Tips to Stay True to You

2. Something Old, Something New…Something Personal

This is a given for being personal! Many brides borrow something from a friend or family member, and their “old” similarly tends to be something familiar.

My shoes already had blue in them (I had cute little floral heels), and my gown was obviously new. Everything else was up for grabs, though! So for my “old,” I tucked one of my late grandfather’s coins that I had pulled from his collection into the lace wrapping around my bouquet. For my “borrowed,” I wore a ring that my new sister-in-law had received from her and my husband’s late grandmother.

I also decided to keep a six-pence “in” my shoe, and rummaged one out from that same coin collection mentioned above. It was a beautiful way to keep passed loved-ones near during a momentous day!

3. Veil

Understandably, the styles of veil or want for one change often and in big ways. My veil was one of my favorite parts of my wedding. I loved the idea of a blusher that my groom would lift for the final kiss, but I didn’t like most of the veils with blushers I had seen because of the awkward tulle gathering at the back of the head.

However, checking out Etsy, I found a gorgeous 30s style Juliette cap that I ended up purchasing (from Rae at AgnesHart – check her out!). The veil was missing that bulge of material I hated and also fit the entire feel my wedding.

There are so many veils out there, I encourage you to think seriously about what kind of statement you want your veil to make!

Personal Wedding - 10 Tips to Stay True to You

4. Favors

The wedding favor is one of the most versatile ways to reflect you and your intended’s personalities. My husband and I love tea, so we told my sister our favorite flavors and she made us two blends. Already cute, we put the loose tea into small test tubes to fit our industrial aesthetic and, viola! I also love mixtapes or flower seeds. There are so many options, so take a look and choose what feels fitting for you!

Personal Wedding - 10 Tips to Stay True to You

5. Décor

Pick decorations that speak to what the two of you are like. Maybe make table numbers out of old school photos or name cards out of wine corks. For my wedding, my mother and I actually made geometric shapes that were based on a Finnish ornament, nodding to my heritage. Have fun, go wild! Who knows what creative things you’ll think of!

6. Invites

Ugh, invites are so stressful! But if you have the chance, visit your nearest city’s bridal shows and check out any local calligraphers/printers. Or, check out sites like Minted or BasicInvite (whom I went through) and choose something that matches your aesthetic and personalities. Although most people just lose or throw away the invites, you and some others will keep them. Therefore, I recommend making them at least a little special!

7. Toasting Flutes

Usually your venue/caterer will provide you with everything you need, but if you want to continue cute, personal touches, I recommend buying your own toasting flutes. Etsy is my go-to site for personal or custom things, and so many shops make pretty glasses. My husband and I ended up with beautiful and inexpensive champagne flutes from MomentsbyMelody that said, “Player 1” and “Player 2” with 8-bit hearts on them. Remember my nerdy feather? Now it’s come full circle!

Personal Wedding - 10 Tips to Stay True to You

8. Cake Accessories

I opted to use my caterer’s service set, so I didn’t purchase one myself. That said, I did spend a long time looking for the perfect, personalized topper. Again, I got mine on Etsy, but I looked at all sorts of ideas, including beautiful Precious Moments or Willow Tree, toppers before I settled. In the end I bought an acrylic silhouette that looked the most like my husband and me. It also said our last name, as well as had silhouettes for both of our dogs!

Now, I have to add a little blurb here: Cake and dessert can be personal! Check out cake trends and dessert alternatives to find what treat will reflect you at your reception!

Personal Wedding - 10 Tips to Stay True to You

9. Ceremony Music

Having a music degree already, choosing music for my ceremony was a breeze. I knew exactly what I wanted, which consisted of pieces that reflected my ethnic backgrounds (Polish and Finnish) as well as pieces by one of my husband’s and my favorite composers. I also arranged a piece of (you guessed it!) video game music for another part of the ceremony.

It can become overwhelming to know how much music you need for your ceremony. Understanding how people will process in for your wedding helps. And don’t be afraid to ask for help from friends, family, or music sites littering the web!

10. Reception Music

As for the reception, you get to find a band you like or a DJ who will play the party music you already love. My recommendation, however, is that you and your intended spend time thinking and talking about a meaningful song for your first dance (need ideas, check this out), as well as for your cake cutting and all family dances.

For instance, my husband and I knew we wanted 80s music, and to include at least one song by a favorite, current artist. A few months before our wedding, a cover album done by that artist was released and ended up containing a gorgeous 80s ballad. We both immediately knew that was our song.

So make the most of the music for both your ceremony and reception, and do your research! Listen to a lot of samples and ideas, and try to find the ones the speak to both of you – don’t just go with the flow!

Personal Wedding - 10 Tips to Stay True to You

I hope these ten things help you make the most of personalizing your wedding. There are plenty of elegant ways to incorporate you and your intended without it becoming heavy-handed or tacky.

I encourage you to just look at all the ideas you can, and let me know what you found!